Right now you're struggling to make strides with turning Your Big Idea into a profitable, money-making business.  

You've got a pretty clear picture of the difference your product or service could make in the lives for those who buy it, but you can't quite seem to find the right words to connect with your Ideal Client.

You start each work session full of optimism and hope, but after a couple hours ummm-ing and ahhhhh-ing staring at The Blank Page of Doom, all you seem to have done is screw around on Pinterest, chow down half a pound of Haribo, and start spinning out in that maybe-I-haven't-got-what-it-takes vortex.  

Sound familiar?

I'm Hattie Brazeley, and I help women like you connect with your ideal clients via super on-point web copy that makes you money.  

I work with an eclectic mix of solopreneurs from Happiness Experts and Personal Trainers, to Signature Program Specialists and Truth Seekers. Each one of them came to me feeling stuck, like they were treading water in their businesses, and unable to move forward until they gained some precious clarity about who they serve and what those people needed most. 

See, your ability to connect with people and show them you have what they need (the solution, the fix, the remedy) directly translates to money in the bank.

When you work with me:

  • You feel like we've known each other for years after our first call.
  • You may want to invest in a damn good moisturiser... As well as deepening your laughter lines, I'll be asking you some deep, searching questions that almost certainly generate a concentrated brow furrow or two.
  • You can be certain I'll drink a caffeinated beverage (I have a tiny 20 month old - enough said)

I write sales copy for six and seven-figure solopreneurs who are deadly serious about business. If you have the product or service, I have the words to sell it.

It's about getting inside peoples' heads, creating needs, stirring desires and building anticipation.

And by the time I'm done, those same people will be banging down your door to give you money in exchange for what you have.

It's that simple.

Find out more about how you can work with me here.

If your website isn't connecting, your visitors aren't subscribing and nobody's buying, chances are your ideal client doesn't think you're right for her!

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