You made it!


Welcome to Hattie!  Thanks for being here!

It's my mission to help you become a freakin' awesome copywriter because:

When you write in a way that resonates with your reader, you turn browsers into subscribers, window shoppers into buyers, and readers into mass advocates for you and your brand.

I truly believe anyone can learn to write copy.  Copy is essentially anything you write for your business with the intention of encouraging its reader to take an action you want them to take.  

But here's the thing: 

You can't write great copy and hope to encourage your Ideal Clients to do anything, if you don't know what floats their boat in the first place.  

I've created a 3-part audio training series to help you get insanely clear on who your Ideal Client is.  Simply click the private links below and you'll be taken directly to my Soundcloud:

Part One: Understand why I believe it's insanely important to understand your Ideal Client, and why most ICA exercises get you no where fast

Part Two: A guided deep-dive into your Ideal Client's mind!  Follow the audio prompts and build a super rich brainstorm that'll stand you in awesome stead once you come to create new content.

Part Three:  Learn 3 awesome ways you can take your brainstorm and put it to awesome use in your business.

Be sure to let me know how you go!

Hattie xo