Hattie understands how to write copy that inspires and converts for the new generation of entrepreneurs. She quickly helped us understand our dream clients more intimately than we’d ever been able to before. Her copy for our launches and sales pages have doubled our sales and, most importantly, allowed me to make a larger impact with my purpose. Hattie is more than a copywriter — she is a powerhouse business strategist who can help you turn those lofty dreams into reality. I can’t recommend her enough.
— Mastin Kipp - Interventionist & #1 Best-Selling Author of Daily Love: Growing into Grace

Hattie is more than a gifted copywriter. She’s a strategic thinking partner + creative collaborator who can help you grow your online business to multiple six and seven figures.

She understands the online marketing & course industry inside-out — as a copywriter, student of many online programs, and course creator herself.

Hire Hattie if you’re looking to convert more of your ideal clients and customers into raving fans!
— Selena Soo, Business + Publicity Strategist | www.s2-groupe.com

As soon as I met Hattie I knew I wanted to hire her.

She has this way of taking what I want to say and making it sound better than I ever could. That was exactly what happened with my sales page back in July 2014. In just 24 hours I had freshly spruced copy and a few weeks later, I was closing out my very first launch with $64k in sales. Hattie has been part of my team ever since.

Her work has saved me time and made me money during every launch. I recommend Hattie to entrepreneurs who need help getting their passion explained in a way their audience will understand and who want to make more sales with their email marketing campaigns.
— Kimra Luna, Personal Branding and Online Marketing Strategist | www.kimraluna.com

Hiring Hattie to help me with my recent course launch was the smartest decision I could have made. She listened to me so carefully during our initial meeting that by the time the copy was delivered, we had very few changes to make. Most importantly, the copy sounded like me! I had so much to do for the launch that I was overwhelmed, and good copy can make you or break you. I am so thankful that I had Hattie in my corner. She’s brilliant, caring, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Jennifer Lehner, Social Media Marketing Strategist | www.campwithjen.com

Hattie is a joy to work with. She always ask the right questions up front so you don’t spend hours going back and forth wasting precious time. Her copy is brilliant and really does work to convert our email subscribers into buyers. She is a complete lifesaver when we’re in launch mode, saving us stress, time and brainpower. Hattie, the whole #SBZteam just loves working with YOU!
— Sue B Zimmerman, #TheInstagramExpert and Founder of Insta-Results | www.suebzimmerman.com

As soon as we hung up after our first call, I knew hiring Hattie had been a great decision.

Hattie is so much fun to work with! She is responsive, helpful and takes what she does very seriously. And she’s fast! She executes quickly while also providing high-quality copy.

What I liked most about working with Hattie is how much she cared about really getting to know my ICA intimately so she could effectively create copy that spoke directly to her challenges and desires.

I would absolutely recommend Hattie’s services to others, actually I already do!
— Kathleen Ventura, Transformational Life & Business Coach | www.kathleenventura.com

I kept telling Hattie that working with her felt like taking a spa day…she made me feel so relaxed and taken care of through the whole, harrowing process of getting sales page copy written for Cook the Seasons.

In the midst of multiplying details to keep track of during a launch, I can’t tell you how incredible it felt to just KNOW that Hattie was on top of creating killer copy that communicated what Cook the Seasons was all about (from both a functional perspective and a “gonna change your life” perspective) while brilliantly capturing my voice and story and weaving it seamlessly throughout. She was always ahead of deadline, always responsive, and simply a joy to be around.

I’m happy to report the Cook the Seasons launch was a runaway success, so in the end, it wasn’t just fun…it all WORKED too! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Hattie!
— Lia Huber, Brand Strategist and Founder of NOURISH Evolution | www.cooktheseasons.com

Hattie Brazeley is a copy genius.  Everything she wrote on my website sounded like “me” in a way that was recognizable, accessible and absolutely consistent with my branding.  She’s also super-easy to work with, extremely responsive and detailed.  I am thrilled with the results and highly recommend Hattie’s copywriting services!
— Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psychoanalyst, Author and Speaker | www.winthedietwar.com

I worked with Hattie last year when I was launching a new programme and knew that I needed to invest in some seriously good sales copy. I had been in a mastermind group with Hattie earlier on in the year and to be honest she was my one and only person I wanted to work with on my copy.

I loved everything about working with Hattie, not only is she a super lovely person but she is amazingly talented and has this knack of pulling everything out of your head about you, your product, your clients and more. The copy she delivered was pretty near perfect the first time around and it only took one small set of tiny revisions for me to have a sales page that I was thrilled with.

I recommend Hattie to everyone I know who is looking for a copywriter and will definitely be working with her again in the future.
— Kerrie Rycroft, Social Media Marketing Expert | www.kerrierycroft.co.uk