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Teleseminar Word Slingers 10 Day Challengers Free Call Event with Hattie Brazeley

Saturday 19th September 8:30PM London | 12:30PM Pacific | 3:30PM Eastern

Click on the title "Teleseminar Word Slingers 10 Day Challengers Free Call Event with Hattie Brazeley" to take you to the Google Calendar link to save it in your calendar.



STEP 1: Join the meeting here: 

On a computer, use any browser. Nothing to download. 

On a phone or tablet, launch the app and enter meeting code: hattiebrazeley 


STEP 2: Join the audio conference: 

Dial a phone number and enter access code OR  connect via internet. 

Follow the step by step instructions below or watch this video.

STEP 2 (Option A) 
By phone: Choose your location
(if it's not listed, click on Other International Numbers Available link at the bottom)

United States - Los Angeles, CA   + 

United States - New York, NY   +1.646.307.1990 

United States - San Francisco, CA   +1.415.655.0381 

Australia - Central-West   +61.8.7282.4006 

Australia - North-East   +61.7.3150.4013 

Australia - South-East   +61.3.8820.4056 

New Zealand - Christchurch   + 

New Zealand - Wellington   +64.4.488.0310 

Access Code   827-847-600# 

Other international numbers available 


STEP 2 (Option B)
By computer via internet: 

Join the meeting, click the phone icon and select 'Call via internet'. A small download might be required. 



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